Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bukit Rimau bkb

I have lost the match...cause

1. Chosen the extremely wrong teammates...
2. I set wrong formation...
3. I did not want to play in the First 5...

Need to improve on the above...I'm too much,..don't want to play in the First 5 ..lose 4 points..


Friday, February 12, 2010

In Your Face !

Damn 'yeng' today...Played ball at Oncidium against Jian Zhiong's dad..
I hit 2 difficult fade - away jumper against him...'IN YOUR FACE' !
Just like the Kobe move...xD

and I pierce my left ear today for RM 5 ? Ya..damn cheap la ! haha...

In school,

Study, study and study !
SPM...what to !
and I gave some valentine gifts to some
those gift was like damn cheap wei...but nvm la..appreciate what you have ! !

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy ! ! 54th ! !

Happy Birthday to my DAD ! This is his 54th birthday !

Bought a new Laptop for him...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Busy Days nowadays ?

Well, many of my friends keep ask me ( got gf already or not ) LOL ! They always asked me this question ! WHY ? I can have 1 if I want to.. But ! Now is not that time yet ! I can't have 1 now cause there are many problems this year ! THE BIGGEST PROBLEM is ! SPM !

If if if if if ! I wanna get 1 now..I think I can handle it ! am I talking bout ? zzz///
MSSD is my dream ! CANT WAIT ! ! ! ! ! GOLD MEDAL ! LOL xD


Sunday, January 10, 2010

A practice leads to victory !

Yup...My training starts already today. I feel that my stamina has improved a lot !! THat's a good news right ? Last time I used to run 10 rounds around the whole court, then I will feel tired. Well, for now is 20 rounds and it was just like 10 rounds. Not so tiring and I did 40 more rounds running from beginning of the court to the end of the court for 10 minutes ! Coach says need to test our stamina ! So, I hope I pass it ! Since MSSD can only have 12 players, I really need to train hard ! If no , say bye bye ~! Cause there are many ppl join this training already .. 1 of them are Louis, Damien, Clement, Shawne, Wen Kiat and some other old teammates !

AND ! ! ! !

Coach did mentioned that those who did not come training will be not selected for MSSD ! So, good luck to all my teammates includes me ! I really hope I can succeed !!!

That's MY DREAM ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Record !

Yeah...That's what I mean ! RECORD !
I broke my own record by getting a 1st Warning Letter on the 3rd day of school because of my hair !
Fashion-hair ? wtf ? My hair was like damn normal..+ some other who're shorter than me also got caught for hair problem..LOL...Piss me off !
Thanks to Pn.Rewathy...(You SUCK !)

Ever since En. Azmi is not here this year...she became the new discipline teacher which make the rules from good to bad ! Damn her !

Perhaps she is a bitch ! LOL xD

I won't forget this ! XD

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sungei Wang ! ... TS ~!

Went to those 2 places today... with Miao, Kuan and Dick xD
Sungei Wang and Time Square..bought many stuff..ball, accessories, and clothing ...
Spent Rm 200 for all the items..not really expensive actually..

Here are some Pictures from the Lebron James Ball ^^

Some extra ordinary from Summit USJ ! xD
I want this shoe so badly ! xD
Almost forgot..after went to those places..
We went to Jun Wah's Open House party in Permai,...
Played the pool with Yaw Suan,..haha...He lost ! xD