Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pyramid and Lagoon again ~~

Went to Lagoon with Ming Kit, Junior and Bak Chi Jian xxDD Nice name ~~ rofl
Played Extreme Park which is super S U C K !!!
Waste money + time in there...Do not ever go there anymore ..unless you have extra money to spend ~~

and..we ride many stuff...there is 1 stuff about Junior,
that is..He lost control of the ATV vehicle ...haha..all of us were like...WTH ?..xD
I can't believe he can't even control a small vehicle..xD Joking la..dun be so angry !! ok ?

Da** you ! xD

Then we went for bowling at Pyramid...
so fun...took some it is..

Ming Kit aka Kit Toi..xD

Junior aka Red Indian..xD

Me aka KY //xD


After that,
Went home..Dota with them..^^

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time for Miracles

Went to Pyramid today with many ppl..about 9 ?
watched 2012...nice movie comments..
last about 2 1/2 hours ...

after the show we went for bowling ...xD
It was our 1st time...haha no comments..^^
On the first attempt ... I got a spare !! was rare !..or maybe beginners luck ?..
then after that..walk anywhere...till found Kim Gary..
the food there was like...OKEY comments on it..and those drinks..suck..xD
I won't go there anymore..only if I were forced xD

after that...bored nthg to do...went to a CC there near The One Academy...
played 1 hour..then reach home at,....7 pm....
1 and darn tired !

1 more thing..a very important wish for someone special... ^_^

that is...

My mum...xD

Happy Birthday to her...
erm ..her B.D. was yesterday...17/11/09

guess that's all I can say..^^

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ItS oVeR !

EXAMS OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now ...Gonna practice hard for my basketball ..
Next year ! MSSD ! I'm not scared of you !!