Sunday, January 10, 2010

A practice leads to victory !

Yup...My training starts already today. I feel that my stamina has improved a lot !! THat's a good news right ? Last time I used to run 10 rounds around the whole court, then I will feel tired. Well, for now is 20 rounds and it was just like 10 rounds. Not so tiring and I did 40 more rounds running from beginning of the court to the end of the court for 10 minutes ! Coach says need to test our stamina ! So, I hope I pass it ! Since MSSD can only have 12 players, I really need to train hard ! If no , say bye bye ~! Cause there are many ppl join this training already .. 1 of them are Louis, Damien, Clement, Shawne, Wen Kiat and some other old teammates !

AND ! ! ! !

Coach did mentioned that those who did not come training will be not selected for MSSD ! So, good luck to all my teammates includes me ! I really hope I can succeed !!!

That's MY DREAM ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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